Cytosine Methylation Analysis Tool for Everyone

July 8, 2008: CyMATE at BIRD'08

We have a poster presentation at BIRD'08, introducing the module for double-strand analysis. The corresponding short paper will be available with the conference proceedings. The References section will be updated as soon as publication information has become available.

July 1, 2008: Invitation to participate in survey

We have prepared a short survey covering user satisfaction and problem reports. New and prospective users are invited to participate and provide feedback about CyMATE. For details, see the "Provide Feedback" section.

July 1, 2008: New analysis module available

With the launch of the current version of CyMATE, a new analysis module for double-strand analysis has become available. The new module allows to analyse double-strand data obtained with hairpin-bisulfite sequencing, as well as two separate data sets of forward and reverse strand data. For more details, check the "Get Help" section or try the example files.

July 1, 2008: New website online

The new CyMATE website is online. With the launch of the site, users benefit from the improved user-friendlyness, an extended support section and improved possibilities for feedback. New visitors are invited to check the "Get Help" section to learn about CyMATE. To get started right away, follow the link to the "Perform Analysis" section.